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Accepting members of all classes & Roles. In Addition, Legion of Light is currently looking for the following Leadership Roles: Ops Guides (for Op's) , Datacron Hunters, PVP Squad Leaders. These Leadership roles will be awarded special Rank and also be expected to Guide our Teams through the corresponding activities in an Organized fashion as well as to keep the Activities within our Guild.See GM for further details. -----------------------------------------------Legion of Light is proud to announce that we're now Earning Conquest/Guild Experience together as a Guild with plans to Expand our Guildship! We're experiencing the fun you've been looking for from an online Gaming Star Wars Family. Earning Reputation,PVPing,Running Ops & Questing as a Guild. We're Putting our name on the Guild Leadership Board in the near future. Thanks to members like you this has all been possible. Become part of a Great Guild and explore the galaxy with your Friends! And be sure to check out our Legion of Light Guildship!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
About Legion-of-Light

Legion Of Light


Social, PVP, Storyline, Operations, Flashpoints, Heroics, World Events, Datacron Hunting, Friendly & Outgoing Bunch of Folk that like to run together and help others & we're growing! Different schedule? That's fine, Our Guildies are on at all different times as well. We have Guildies of all levels, age,Gender, Nationality or skill progression  from all over the Globe!

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Legion of Light Will Not Tolerate any Hate crimes, Jokes or Discrimination against Skill level, game experience, Gender, Social Class, Age, Disability, Religion, Sexuality, Race/Ethnicity,Language or Nationality. Doing so will cause for immediate Dismissal from this Guild.

When using Our Ventrilo Information, We are trusting you to keep our business & personal info private.
Gaining access to our TeamSpeak, Ventrilo etc.. Account & Password does not give you the privledge or right to use that info outside the Guild, This includes Passwords, Personal information, Associates information, Nicknames, or other information that was not intended for outside persons to know. This also includes personal information regarding Ventrilo Account holders. Such Activity is not Tolerated in any form. This is Invasion of Privacy, Considered illegal And are grounds for Immediate Dismissal as well as having your IP address banned from our Vent Server. Our Guildies' Privacy and Comfort are our Top Priority


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